UK Visitor Visa | Business Visa

    People like to visit other countries in the world for several reasons. This could be for study, work which are for a long period of time. Some visitors go for other reasons like attending an event, performance, or to meet a relative. Such short term visits require a visa to enter into a foreign country. So, citizens of the EU (European Union) not require the Visitors Visa to visit United Kingdom. However, if the candidate is outside from any other country in the world, the visitor requires a visitor visa to visit the UK.

    Basic requirements for UK Visitor Visa

    When the foreigner goes to visit the UK, they must not do any work which will give a payment or make them earn in any way. So, they can visit for medical treatment or even for attending a show but cannot make money there. The visitor, has to show enough financial resources to support all their expenses throughout the stay in the united kingdom. They would need necessary documents like a passport, etc.

    Step By Step Method To Apply UK Visitor Visa

    Step 1: Now everything in the world has gone online. In the same way, there is an official government website for UK Visa. So select the exact option for the UK Visitor Visa.

    Step 2: Arrive at the visa application center in person along with all the required documents mentioned in the checklist, passport, travel document with a blank sheet & don’t forget to take a pen, and the letter of appointment.

    Step 3: Take the token and wait for your turn to put in your visa application. On acknowledgement, you will receive an acknowledgement slip.

    Note: - Keep the receipt. Sometimes, you need to submit further documents if required.

    Step 4: you can apply in 3 months but apply as soon as possible as UK Visitor Visa Processing Time differs fro one another. Wait for a visa approval.

    Note: - request you do not make accommodation / travel arrangements until and unless you receiver the UK. visitor visa.

    Step 5: Book an appointment and visit the appointment at the Visa Application Center in the country.

    Note: - Select the choice to personally pick up your documents or have them mailed to you.

    Step 6: Submit the biometric information at the visa center otherwise it may not get processed. This includes fingerings of all 10 fingers and face picture on digital scanner.

    These are the simple 6 steps to Apply for UK Visitor Visa. Good Luck!